5 Creepy Apps

These Creepy Apps might Make You Think Twice Before Posting Information
photo: Patrik Nygren – cc
If you’ve never been curious enough to look, you probably aren’t aware of some pretty creepy apps on the market. I don’t mean “periodically send you a scary picture every week” creepy, I mean like, “your phone shouldn’t be allowed within […]


Why Our Batteries are better than others and what really defines a premium Battery?
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Zero cycle is defined as to how many times the battery has ever been charged before. If your battery was dead and fully charged, it counts it as one cycle. So typically if you charge your phone once […]

New and Improved LCD ColdPressed Frames

New and Improved LCD

ColdPressed Frames
Summer has arrived and with the heat has come with frame separations from the LCD Display.To improve on this, we now only carry IPhone LCDs with cold press frames which prevents any frame separation. The new ColdPressed Frames come with a premium Acrylate Polymerization Glue to get a 1,000 lbs per […]