Must-Have iPhone Apps That Can Make Your Life Easier

Phone apps have progressed from being a fun addition to a necessary and useful feature that you can’t function without. These apps have revolutionized the whole way you experience your smartphone. In a lot of ways, these apps are making your iPhone experience and your life 10x easier every day. […]

How Does Wireless Charging Workout for the iPhone?

Back in the 19th century, engineering extraordinaire Nikola Tesla demonstrated the phenomenon of electricity to be transmitted through air, generating a magnetic field; the idea for wireless charging was born. […]

iPhone X Tips and Tricks You Should Know About

Back in September 2017, Apple rolled out three of its latest flagship designs: iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X. Fans instantly gravitated towards the considerably more high-tech X. Safe to say, it has received more attention and demand than any of Apple’s other smartphones.

With a spanking new display, display notch, facial recognition, enhanced gestures controls, and Animoji—iPhone X was a dream come true for many Apple fans. But there’s one thing that it is noticeably lacking: the home button. […]

iPhone XS – The Biggest Issues So Far

Featuring a stunning OLED display, an impressive camera, and one of the fastest mobile processors ever, the iPhone XS is truly phenomenal. The new iPhone is being termed “the iPhone with the best camera” and “the iPhone with the best display.” And with its A12 Bionic chip, it is definitely faster than any other competing smartphone. […]

5 Things That Can Kill You iPhone’s Battery Fast

We’ve all been there at one time or the other; you’re working on something important or you’re in the middle of an important conversation when zap, your iPhone’s battery dies. Having your phone’s battery die on you can be one of the most frustrating moments in your day.

Having your iPhone hooked up to a charging outlet at all times is no fun either. If you’ve charged its battery in the morning and it’s running low by lunchtime, then there’s something wrong. […]

iPhone XS vs. iPhone X: What’s The Difference?

Back in 2017, when iPhone X hit the market, it was a complete game-changer. It was clear that Apple had reinvented the design, overhauled the security and specs, and (controversially) the price as well. It was a definite upgrade and a whole class ahead of its predecessors. But when Apple introduced iPhone XS one year later, many users were left wondering: is it worth the upgrade? […]

Know More About Your Phone

Want to know more about your phone? Here are some simple tips to make your iPhone more efficient and easier to use? Keep on reading! […]

5 Ways to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

iPhones are designed to keep us all connected to each other but some days, the only thing you’ll find your phone connected to is the charging cable. No matter how much you adore your iPhone and its sleek looks, the battery may still end up draining faster than it should. […]

Learn When It’s Time To Replace The Phone Battery

All rechargeable batteries have a limited time span. If your battery is getting drained quicker than usual, it’s a sign that it is aging. […]

When Is It Time To Finally Replace That Battery?

Nothing lasts forever—not even iPhone batteries.

Your iOS device is operating on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. All rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan. That is why as an iPhone’s battery ages, its performance deteriorates over time.

So when should you actually replace an iPhone’s battery? Read on to find out! […]