Phone apps have progressed from being a fun addition to a necessary and useful feature that you can’t function without. These apps have revolutionized the whole way you experience your smartphone. In a lot of ways, these apps are making your iPhone experience and your life 10x easier every day.

There are billions of apps available for you to download, but there are some gems that truly shine through. These apps not only help you be more organized, they even help you save time and money.

Whether you want to work on time management, need handy tools to help you tweak photos, or need convenient storage options, these are the must-have iPhone apps to download.

Google Drive

Google drive is a popular file storage and organization service. Access saved files from anywhere, anytime. It can also help you edit those files and keep tabs on the file details and daily activities. It also works just fine offline.


Dropbox is another file storage and file hosting app that is a must-have. Keep all important documents and files in one place where they are easily accessible. You can save time by accessing and saving work files conveniently on your iPhone. It also has a host of user-friendly features like shared folders and doc scanners, etc.

Google Maps

If you’re not as navigation savvy as you’d like to be, don’t worry; Google Maps to the rescue! It is one of the most trusted and reliable apps to navigate locations in your area. It works on real-time data and is unbelievably accurate.  It also features live traffic updates so that you can avoid high-traffic areas and find alternative routes easily.



Uber is one of the most popular ride-hailing services available today. You can book a personal ride easily and conveniently. With affordable fares and experienced drivers, you can be whisked off to your desired destination in a matter of minutes.

Find My Family

The Find My Family app is a great feature for conveniently and quickly sharing your live location with loved ones and family. The family locator app is great for people who want to coordinate about their whereabouts with friends and family. Featuring a private map and real-time location services, it can be great for locating a stolen iPhone as well.

Lumen Trails

Are you left scratching your head at the end of each month, wondering where your money went? Keeping track of expenses is a full-time job and a very tough one at that. Another thing most of us are worried about is how many calories we’re consuming in a day or how much we’ve worked out in a week. Lumen Trails is a great app that can help you track the important things in life.

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