How to Tell If Your iPhone has Water Damage

As common as it is to accidently drop water (or other liquids) on your iPhone, the Apple One-Year Warranty doesn’t cover the damages caused by water.

iPhone devices that were launched after 2006, all have Liquid Contact Indicators that show whether the device has been exposed to water or other liquids containing water (most liquids).

The Liquid Contact Indicator (LCIs) is visible from the outside so anyone can see it – you just need to know where to look. […]

Every iPhone Ranked in Order of Greatness

With 11 years since the launch of the first model, iPhones have surely come a long way. Whether you like the iPhone 6 or love the iPhone X, you have to admit; Apple sure knows how to create fantastic phones. A lot of the iPhone models have been industry game-changers, completely revolutionizing the way people perceived smartphones. […]

Tips for Choosing the Right iPhone Screen Protector

Having a big spider crack on your iPhone screen is equivalent to having an itch on your nose that no amount of scratching can get rid of. Not only is it aesthetically unappealing, it can also significantly lower your iPhone’s resale value when you upgrade it with a newer model.

While a screen protector won’t necessarily […]

The 2019 iPhones: Rumor Roundup

This New Year, Apple is expected to continue its strategy of growing its customer base by launching phones in multiple sizes and at various price points.

In 2018 Apple launched iPhone XS with a 5.8 inches screen, the iPhone XS Max with a 6.5 inches screen along with iPhone XR which has a 6.1 inches screen. The XS devices started off at $999 and the XR was priced at $749.

Here’s what we expect from Apple iPhones in 2019: […]