Featuring a stunning OLED display, an impressive camera, and one of the fastest mobile processors ever, the iPhone XS is truly phenomenal. The new iPhone is being termed “the iPhone with the best camera” and “the iPhone with the best display.” And with its A12 Bionic chip, it is definitely faster than any other competing smartphone.

But that’s not to say that the iPhone XS isn’t without its problems. Users of the latest iPhone model have complained about a few issues and difficulties so far. Read on to find out the biggest complaints users have made against the iPhone XS.

1. Charge gate

Some iPhone XS users have complained that their iPhone isn’t charging when the display is turned off. It’s also been reported that iPhone XS doesn’t charge properly when a Lightning cable is plugged into it. There’s some agreement that it could be a software issue and not all devices are experiencing this problem. The good news is that an update is on the way which will take care of the problem.

2. Antenna-gate

XS users are complaining about bad Wi-Fi reception and LTE services. These complaints are somewhat similar to what Apple faced a few years ago with the iPhone 4. Users have complained that signals cut out intermittently and the phone’s speed suffers due to the connectivity issues. There’s a chance that a software-fix could be offered to resolve the issue.

3. Beauty gate

iPhone XS Repair

One of the more popular problems with Apple’s latest iPhone is with the camera. iPhone XS features a dual 12MP rear camera that takes arguably some of the best photos of any smartphone. But while its back camera is great, the front camera seems to be facing some problems. A lot of users have been reporting that the front camera drastically smoothes out their skin. Apple has addressed this and it is believed to be due to a Smart HDR bug.

Apparently a case of Smart HDR feature being ‘over-

efficient,’ the smoother appearance is due to multiple exposures being combined together to produce a better quality image with realistic contrast. Luckily, a fix is on its way and the issue will be resolved soon.

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