We’ve all been there at one time or the other; you’re working on something important or you’re in the middle of an important conversation when zap, your iPhone’s battery dies. Having your phone’s battery die on you can be one of the most frustrating moments in your day.

Having your iPhone hooked up to a charging outlet at all times is no fun either. If you’ve charged its battery in the morning and it’s running low by lunchtime, then there’s something wrong.

Whether it’s the cold weather outside or the number of apps you have running, some things can cost you a lot of battery life. Find out what the top 5 reasons for a fast-draining battery are.

1. Brightness Begone!

We’ve known this for a while now, but a little reinforcement is necessary; brightness really isn’t your iPhone’s friend. The screen brightness plays a central role in determining how long the battery lasts. If you have your iPhone’s brightness cranked all the way up, you’re probably losing about 2–3 hours of battery life. Set your screen brightness as low as possible or just set it on auto-brightness. It makes a huge difference.

2. Poor Cellphone Coverage

It may not seem related, but poor cellphone coverage can actually affect your iPhone’s battery life. This is because when there’s no proper service, your iPhone wastes precious battery life searching for a better signal. And if you have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth turned on without finding a connection, those will drain it too. If you’re in a poor coverage area, turn on Airplane mode until you find someplace with a connection.

3. Apps Gone Rogue

Another thing that can affect your iPhone’s battery life is out of control apps. Background apps that are refreshing automatically even when they’re not in use can drain battery life. These background apps can check your location, automatically update, and send push notifications; all leading to more battery being consumed. It is recommended that you turn off Background App Refresh for apps that don’t need it.

4. An Avalanche of Notifications

You may have some apps installed that keep sending you push notifications even when you’re not actively using them! Every time you get a notification and your screen wakes up, it drains your iPhone’s battery. Find the culprit apps and turn off notifications for them.

5. Extreme Temperatures

Extreme weather isn’t just affecting you; it can impact your iPhone’s battery life too! Both extremely hot and cold temperatures can destabilize the battery life, but especially cold weather. Make sure you’re charging your iPhone at room temperature or as close to it as possible.

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