iPhones are designed to keep us all connected to each other but some days, the only thing you’ll find your phone connected to is the charging cable. No matter how much you adore your iPhone and its sleek looks, the battery may still end up draining faster than it should.

We know, you can’t manage to stay away from your phone for a very long time, but is extensive usage the cause of your low battery woes?

From snapping pictures to watching videos, scrolling through our social media feeds, web surfing and what not, all that can take a toll on your iPhone’s battery. Make sure the battery lasts longer with these tips.

1. Keep Battery Draining Apps in Check

You may have unknowingly downloaded some apps in your iPhone that drain the battery in a matter of hours. These apps keep functioning in the background even when you’re not using them. They keep refreshing data which takes up battery life. In order to stop this from happening, go to your general setting option and click on battery usage. From there you can access the list of all the apps installed in your iPhone and the percentage of battery they’re using. You can delete the unnecessary ones.

2. Turn Off Bluetooth

If your iPhone’s battery is draining faster than it should check to see if the Bluetooth is on. Oftentimes, we use Bluetooth for fitness trackers or wireless speakers and then forget to turn it off. It can take up a lot of battery while it stays on in the background so make sure you turn it off.

3. Use Apple’s Native Apps

Instead of downloading third-party apps from the App Store, make sure you’re using the already installed Apple’s native apps on your iPhone. Apple apps like music, maps, or iBooks are optimized to run smoothly without taking up a lot of battery.

iPhone Battery Repair

4. Turn Down Screen Brightness

Another thing that can drain battery is screen brightness turned all the way up. Dimming the brightness down can have an immediate effect on your iPhone’s battery. For day-to-day usage, turn the brightness down to the lowest, readable setting you can.

5. Enable Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode had been installed in the iOS 9 update and is a handy feature when it comes to preserving iPhone battery life. This mode uses less battery by turning off extra features like Siri, automatic mail fetch, automatic downloads or background app refresh, along with limiting some visual effects.

Still Facing Trouble with Your iPhone’s Battery?

If your iPhone’s battery is draining down fast despite taking all these precautions, then there must be something serious at fault. It’s time to seek professional guidance. Whether it’s an iPhone 5, 6, 6s, 7, 8, all the way up to the iPhone X, Mr. iPhone Mobile is the go-to iPhone battery repair and replacement service in the Sacramento, CA area.

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