Apple continues to make record sales in 2017, selling as many as 78.29 million units in the first quarter of the year. The smartphone vendor has a huge chunk of market share, indicating that more and more people are interested in their high-quality phones.

Here’s good news for iPhone users: your phone’s warranty won’t get void if you opt for a third-party screen repair. This is expected to further increase iPhone sales in the coming years.

But how did Apple become lenient about these repairs and what does it implicate? Let’s discuss why your favorite smartphone manufacturer no longer wants to penalize you for screen repairs!

What’s the actual news?

Don’t pay heed to the rumors; here’s what actually happened. An internal memo was circulated by the company to all Apple retail stores. The same was published by 9to5Mac.

According to the memo, the Apple Authorized Service Providers and retail stores were advised to inspect devices with screens repaired by third-parties for fraud and tempering but otherwise proceed with repairs.

This means that your phone’s warranty won’t be automatically void. Instead, you can still take advantage of their services for other parts and repairs.

This decision, of course, didn’t come out of no where…

Apple Care plans versus third-party vendors

In an effort to make repairs easier, Apple started a sort of insurance plan for all their devices. Plans differ for each category of device work to increase the warranty period. Technically, it extends 2 years of hardware warranty and 2 or 3 years of phone support.iPhone 7 Screen Repair

The problem is that it comes at a cost and isn’t always useful. Plus, you’ll still have to approach an authorized store which could be hundreds of miles away from you.

Also, it’s easier to opt when you’re purchasing the iPhone. The process becomes more complex to opt for during the warranty period.

In contrast, third-party iPhone screen repair vendors like us are quite simple. We have fixed rates and deliver quick services, reaching you at your time of convenience.

Why the leniency?

Third party repairs are easier and often less costly than opting for AppleCare. Why then has the company allowed iPhone users to opt for third-party vendors without any penalty?

It could have something to do with the ‘right to repair’ legislation currently being discussed in Nebraska and other states. This could give the company a fighting point against being more open about device repairs.

Whatever is the case, it works in your favor. Now, you can quickly call us to get iPhone 7 screen repair services. We also offer quick screen repairs for other iPhone models throughout Sacramento, California!