iPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement

$120.00 $79.00

Choose this repair and one of our certified techs will replace both the glass/digitizer and LCD.

You need this repair service if the following applies:

  • The glass or digitizer is broken or cracked on your iPhone 6 Plus.
  • If your LCD or your display is bad this would also apply.

Looking for a professional you can trust with your iPhone 6 Plus display repair requirements? With Mr. iPhone Mobile, you get a trustworthy expert who can have your LCD, digitizer, or glass display replaced with considerable expertise and maximum efficiency.

Whether you’re at the home or at the office, we can replace your phone’s screen anywhere. Call us to book an appointment—you won’t have to go without a phone for long!

Make an appointment and we will come to you and fix your phone in about an hour!

A lifetime warranty is included with this repair. If you have any trouble with the parts we replaced, we are happy to replace that part for you free of charge! This warranty excludes physical damage or water damage done to the device after the repair.



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