New and Improved LCD

ColdPressed Frames

Summer has arrived and with the heat has come with frame separations from the LCD Display. To improve on this, we now only carry iPhone LCDs with cold press frames which prevent any frame separation. The new ColdPressed Frames come with a premium Acrylate Polymerization Glue to get a 1,000 lbs per sq inch of tensile strength! A separation temperature of 120^ C (250^F) to ensure that it will be resilient to any extreme temperatures.

Improved Digitizer!

To ensure that the hue of the Cell Phone LCD is not changed, we have installed a crystal clear digitizer to ensure that the colors are showing at the best resolution. The new digitizers have an improved touch electrical field sensors to ensure that the touch screen does not glitch after rapid movements.

Color Saturation

The new improved LCDs Assembly Part have a much closer color saturation to imitate the High-Quality specification.

Double Driver IC

Many are not aware that normally 2 driver IC chips are installed to control the LCD on an original specification. Our aftermarket LCDs use to come with a single driver IC as the technology was not available other than the OEM manufacturers. However, thanks to everyone’s push we have now been able to also install a double driver IC for all our aftermarket LCDs This functionally is best seen while watching videos or playing a game as it requires a higher response rate from the driver IC.

Backlight Leak Fixed!

By improving the glue on the backlight, the backlight would firmly sit flush against the LCD ensuring the light won’t leak out of the LCD.

LCD Flushed Properly!

Before the Raw LCD coming from Tinama have been thicker, so there was no way to prevent the LCD Display from protruding .3 mm. But now the new Raw Materials from Tinama have been reduced in size without compromising quality.