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Here’s What We Can Fix


Cracked Screen

There’s something tragic about a broken screen on an iPhone. Something so beautiful shouldn’t be subjected to something so ugly. If your display is looking a bit spiderweb let us know and we’ll get you a replacement.

Charging Port

If your iPhone can’t hold a charge, several causes could be to blame: dirt or debris in your charging port or even just a faulty cable. If you can rule out both of those issues, you may simply need to have your charging port repaired. We can take care of that.


A broken mic can be nightmarish, especially if it removes a caller’s ability to hear you clearly. Check and see if any dust or dirt could be to blame. If not, you’re probably looking at a full-on microphone repair.

Headphone Jack

Don’t know jack about headphone jack repair? Don’t you worry? If music through your earbuds doesn’t sound quite the same due to fuzzy or crackling noises, you’re probably in need of a fix. Let us handle it.

Home Button

Dirt, lint, dust, or other debris beneath your home button may prove a headache-inducing if it means you can no longer use it as intended. If your iPhone home button’s spick and span, though, there’s probably a deeper hardware issue going on.

Ear Speaker

We’ve seen our fair share of broken ear speakers on your iPhone so believe us when we say we’re masters at fixing them. Hearing strange noises when on calls? Let us know and we’ll send a repair tech straight to you.

Battery Replacement

Is your battery going dead at 20% or more or is your battery not charging? We can fix that fast. Sometimes the battery can expand to the point where it lifts your screen on the left side and that’s when it’s really bad.

Front/Rear Camera

Are your photos not turning out quite as clear as they used to be? Check if your lens needs wiping down. If cleaning it doesn’t solve the problem, your camera might need to be replaced.

LCD Replacement

Sometimes you crack your screen and damage the LCD at the same time and it looks like internal damage because the colors are leaking all over the inside of the screen but that too is nothing more than a regular screen replacement because you get a new LCD too.

Loud Speaker

Is your iPhone’s loudspeaker making weird crackling or staticky sounds when watching videos or listening to music? It’s probably on its last legs. Contact us and we’ll send one of our repair experts to a location of your choosing at a time of your choosing to fix your phone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Local Sacramento, CA Area customers can usually have their phone fixed in about an hour with our mobile repair services.

All iPhone screen repairs include a lifetime warranty.  The warranty covers all parts repaired/replaced during the repair. iPhones with frame damage are not eligible for warranties.

Yes! We can gladly meet you at your office, home, gym or even a nearby coffee shop! We will fix the iPhone in front of you and most repairs are completed within 30 – 40 minutes.

Imagine traveling to a repair store, finding parking, and being separated from your device for hours. Our service alleviates all the pain points of the conventional iPhone repair process while ensuring your data is kept private and secure. Our online process is easy to use and our service is affordable on any budget. We guarantee all repairs for life!

While we aim to provide a same-day repair meeting, scheduling ultimately depends on both our schedule and yours. We schedule based on your preferred location and timing as well as Ricardo’s availability

Simply pay Ricardo AFTER the repair is complete using Ricardo’s mobile phone. We accept all major credit and debit cards and cash. $3.00 fee when using a card.

Yes! He will text or call you when he is on the way to save the day!