What You Need to Know Before Getting Your iPhone Serviced


If your iPhone gets damaged when you need it most or perhaps when documents you can’t afford to lose are saved on it. This can keep you wondering how to get the damaged iPhone fixed as soon as possible to have access to those documents, especially now that your schedule does not permit you to […]

iPhone Repairs at Your Location

Trusted and Reliable iPhone Repairs at your Location 

Nothing can be a mood-spoiler than having a damaged iPhone, especially when walking back to the Apple Store is not an option –probably because you’re out of warranty or you’re too occupied to visit the store. This can be devastating. Now you’re left with the option of finding […]

How to Pick an iPhone Repair Services

Your iPhone just fell face-down from your desk and onto the tiled office floors. You pick it up only to find that the screen is badly cracked and that your phone isn’t functioning properly.

In the minutes following the incident, you’ll be overwhelmed with emotion. A broken iPhone doesn’t seem too bad when you’re covered by AppleCare; it becomes a hassle when the phone is out of warranty. […]

Top Tips to Have a More Mindful Relationship With Your iPhone

Living in the digital age is a blessing in many ways. It keeps people connected at all times. It allows you to check emails, stay up-to-date with whatever is going on in the world, watch your favorite shows, and listen to music and do other numerous activities—all with a single device.

However, since we are able to do so much with our smartphones, many of us have become overly reliant on it; some to the point of addiction.

If you’re someone who uses their iPhone excessively, check out these tips to have a healthier relationship with technology: […]

5 Most Common iPhone Repairs

No matter how powerful smartphones become, they will remain a delicate technology. Regardless of how much you’ve paid for your iPhone, it is likely to need repairs at some point or another. iPhones are fantastic smartphones, but that doesn’t prevent them from breaking down.

The following are the most common iPhone repairs that can be addressed quickly by experts: […]

How to Keep Your iPhone Safe at the Beach

In many parts of the country, especially California, going to the beach is a year-round activity; meaning people’s smartphones are constantly at risk of being overexposed to surf and sand as they click away to post photos on social media.

Even if you have the steadiest hands, you’re risking ruining your iPhone by taking it to the beach. That being said, there are ways to keep your iPhone safe while you go for a swim.

Let’s take a look at some of them: […]

How to Tell If Your iPhone has Water Damage

As common as it is to accidently drop water (or other liquids) on your iPhone, the Apple One-Year Warranty doesn’t cover the damages caused by water.

iPhone devices that were launched after 2006, all have Liquid Contact Indicators that show whether the device has been exposed to water or other liquids containing water (most liquids).

The Liquid Contact Indicator (LCIs) is visible from the outside so anyone can see it – you just need to know where to look. […]

Every iPhone Ranked in Order of Greatness

With 11 years since the launch of the first model, iPhones have surely come a long way. Whether you like the iPhone 6 or love the iPhone X, you have to admit; Apple sure knows how to create fantastic phones. A lot of the iPhone models have been industry game-changers, completely revolutionizing the way people perceived smartphones. […]

The 2019 iPhones: Rumor Roundup

This New Year, Apple is expected to continue its strategy of growing its customer base by launching phones in multiple sizes and at various price points.

In 2018 Apple launched iPhone XS with a 5.8 inches screen, the iPhone XS Max with a 6.5 inches screen along with iPhone XR which has a 6.1 inches screen. The XS devices started off at $999 and the XR was priced at $749.

Here’s what we expect from Apple iPhones in 2019: […]

5 Things That Can Kill You iPhone’s Battery Fast

We’ve all been there at one time or the other; you’re working on something important or you’re in the middle of an important conversation when zap, your iPhone’s battery dies. Having your phone’s battery die on you can be one of the most frustrating moments in your day.

Having your iPhone hooked up to a charging outlet at all times is no fun either. If you’ve charged its battery in the morning and it’s running low by lunchtime, then there’s something wrong. […]