Your iPhone just fell face-down from your desk and onto the tiled office floors. You pick it up only to find that the screen is badly cracked and that your phone isn’t functioning properly.

In the minutes following the incident, you’ll be overwhelmed with emotion. A broken iPhone doesn’t seem too bad when you’re covered by AppleCare; it becomes a hassle when the phone is out of warranty.

You can take your phone to a nearby Apple Store or an authorized service center but they aren’t always easily available.

When you don’t have an authorized service center nearby, you can look for a certified technician who has the expertise to replace your iPhone screen and restore its former glory.

Here are some of the factors you need to consider when picking an iPhone repair service:


Each repair shop will charge you differently for their services. Before you hand over your phone, ask for a quote in writing to prevent them from hiking up the price later on.

In case your phone needs additional repairs to what was stated initially, the shop should contact you and ask for approval before making any changes.

Keep in mind that although the cost is an important determinant when it comes to picking an iPhone repair service, you shouldn’t pick the cheapest option; the low price could reflect poor quality!

Focus on Business

Not all repair shops are the same; some may cater primarily to laptops while others specialize in very specific types of smartphones. The expertise needed to fix an Android phone differs from what’s required to repair an iPhone.

Before you drop off your beloved iPhone to the nearest repair shop, ask them about their focus on business.

The purpose of this is to find out whether this repair shop has the qualifications and resources needed to repair your iPhone.

Manufacturer Parts

The smooth functioning of your iPhone is directly impacted by the parts it’s made up of. Repair shops can choose from all kinds of parts made by various manufacturers in the market. These parts vary in price, performance, and quality.

iPhone 6S

Again, the cheapest parts may look like a great bargain but are they really worth it in the long-run?

For the betterment of your iPhone, it’s better to go for parts from Apple itself or other manufacturers that are known for high-quality products.

Time Frame

No one wants to be away from their phones for too long. The truth is that most iPhone repairs can be done in a matter of a couple of hours or less. Ask repair shops about how long they’ll take to fix your phone to see which one has the best time frame.

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