Living in the digital age is a blessing in many ways. It keeps people connected at all times. It allows you to check emails, stay up-to-date with whatever is going on in the world, watch your favorite shows, and listen to music and do other numerous activities—all with a single device.

However, since we are able to do so much with our smartphones, many of us have become overly reliant on it; some to the point of addiction.

If you’re someone who uses their iPhone excessively, check out these tips to have a healthier relationship with technology:

1. Clear Out Your Home Screen

Every time you unlock your home screen, you’re likely bombarded with all kinds of notifications that tempt you to open them up and spend excessive time on your phone.

To stop yourself from spending unnecessary time on your iPhone, keep notifications on for what’s really important and organize your home screen.

Try and organize your apps into 3 main categories:

  • Tools:This includes Maps, Uber, calendar, etc.
  • Aspirations:These are things that you can benefit from such as Fitness Apps, Podcasts, iBooks, etc.
  • Distractions:This is where you would put all your social media apps, games and anything else on your phone that distracts you.

Keep the apps in the “Tools” category on your first home screen and hide the distractions on the other screens.

2. Check Your Phone Only 3 Times a Day

It’s difficult to resist the temptation of checking your phone every time you get a notification but think about how much time you waste on it whenever it lights up.

Does every “beep” need your attention right away? Probably not!

iPhone 6

Do yourself a favor and limit your screen time by putting a cap on how often you check your phone; start off by checking it 5 times a day and eventually get it down to just 3 times a day.

3. Use the Control Center

Many of the apps on your iPhone are bottomless pits; they suck you in with a notification and before you know it, you’ve wasted 45 minutes on browsing aimlessly.

There are ways to access emails, alarm clocks, news apps, etc. without unlocking your phone.  These apps are important but they can also serve as gateways to apps that can be major distractions.

Instead of unlocking your iPhone and opening up all your notifications, it’s better to swipe and access individual apps using the control center. Not only is it more efficient to open apps this way but it also reduces the temptation of checking out apps that distract you.

Limiting usage of your iPhone doesn’t just keep you healthy, it’s also better for your phone. Excessive usage of your iPhone can cause it to overheat and its battery to malfunction.

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