In many parts of the country, especially California, going to the beach is a year-round activity; meaning people’s smartphones are constantly at risk of being overexposed to surf and sand as they click away to post photos on social media.

Even if you have the steadiest hands, you’re risking ruining your iPhone by taking it to the beach. That being said, there are ways to keep your iPhone safe while you go for a swim.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Buy a Waterproof Case

You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on your phone; it will be an awful waste of money if you don’t protect your investment.

Although iPhones can be submerged in water for a short while, it’s much better to keep them in a waterproof case.

There are specialized cases in the market that let you use the touch screen of your phone while covering it completely and prevent water from seeping into its ports.

Look for a protective case that covers your phone without excessive bulk so it’s easy to use through the cover.

All new iPhones have great cameras so you should be able to take great photos through the case so don’t worry about taking fuzzy photos.

2. Keep Your iPhone Out of Direct Sunlight and Heat

According to Apple, iOS devices should be kept between 32–95°F, but temperatures in certain parts of California go way beyond that. On a hot day at the beach, protect your iPhone by keeping it in the shade.

Also, Apple says that their phones should be stored at temperatures ranging from -4 to 113° F so leaving your iPhone in the car’s glove compartment isn’t a great idea.

Take your phone with you, but keep it under the shade much as possible.

3. Know When to Turn Off Your Phone

If the heat is unbearable for you then it’s probably too much for your phone. Unlike your laptop, your iPhone isn’t equipped with a cooling fan. When exposed to excessive amounts of heat, an iPhone’s default defense mechanism is to reduce functionality.

In really bad cases, iPhones will give you a “temperature warning;” this notification isn’t a warning as much as it is a notice to inform you that your phone is currently unusable. To stop your phone from breaking down, switch it off completely to keep it cool and prevent it from overheating.

4. Don’t Charge It at the Beach

Notice how your phone always gets hotter when it’s being charged? When outdoors on a hot and sunny day in California, it’s better to charge your phone before you head out; charging it on the beach is a big risk.

iPhone 7

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