With 11 years since the launch of the first model, iPhones have surely come a long way. Whether you like the iPhone 6 or love the iPhone X, you have to admit; Apple sure knows how to create fantastic phones. A lot of the iPhone models have been industry game-changers, completely revolutionizing the way people perceived smartphones.

From ushering in fun technological advancements to hardware upgrades and indispensible software updates, a lot of iPhone models completely changed the way we interact with gadgets.

So what are some of the groundbreaking iPhones that led us to this point? Let’s find out.

5.  iPhone 6 (2014)

It’s hard not to admire the beauty of iPhone 6. In fact, it’s the first model that introduced us to the sleek, slim modern design of the iPhone that we’ve become used to now. Not only is it amazing in its design, the iPhone 6 was also quite a powerful iPhone, back in its time, thanks to the A8 chip and the hardware layout. But still, it wasn’t as innovative as some of the later models.

4. iPhone 4 (2010)

While it’s probably not of much value now, the iPhone 4 was revolutionary compared to iPhones that came before it, as well as to other phones in the market.

iPhone 5

Foregoing the clunky, curvy deisgn of the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 4 was the first to feature a super slim design with a flat glass body. And that’s not all; iPhone 4 introduced the amazing Retina display to the iPhone line as well.

3. iPhone X (2017)

While it was quickly replaced by the succeeding iPhone XS, the iPhone X is still in a class of its own. Touted as Apple’s way overdue reinvention, the iPhone X quickly started trending in the smartphone market. Taking big leaps such as removing the classic home button and introducing Face ID made the iPhone X technology a force to be reckoned with. While the steep price hike was also a new introduction, many users were happy to pay for the amazing features the set included.

2. iPhone (2007)

The true game-changer was the OG iPhone itself. The first of the Apple’s flagship smartphone ushered in an era of technology that has spanned over a decade’s worth of advancements. It’s what brought Apple Inc. to the forefront and introduced a brand of luxury and sophistication to the world of smartphones.

1. iPhone 5 (2012)

Coming in at the top of a long line of awe-worthy models is the iPhone 5.

Why this model, you ask?

For a lot of users and critics alike, the iPhone 5 was the last of the iPhones that truly wowed everyone with its sheer innovation and design. Further slimming up the model from iPhone 4, the iPhone 5 is beautifully designed. This model was also the first to take up LTE support that finally gave users sufficient network speed. It was one of the best Apple models that truly felt like a near-complete package.

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